How to read The Hunger Games trilogy for about $3 on your HTC EVO 3D or EVO View 4G


For the past few months, my HTC EVO View 4G tablet has basically been functioning as a really fancy e-reader. That's not to say it isn't still a totally awesome and really powerful 7-inch EVO, but for my purposes, it's best used for books.

So imagine my delight when I found out that I could get the entire Hunger Games trilogy for about $3! I just saw the movie last weekend, and my friends can't stop talking about the books, so I decided I'd have to see what all the fuss is about. And you really can't go wrong for only $3.

To get this deal, just browse over to the Kobo Bookstore and search for the titles. Alternately, you can navigate to each of the titles directly: The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, and Mockingjay. When you are checking out, just enter coupon code HUNGERGAMESDEAL, and the books become $0.83, $1.16, and $1.07 respectively, bringing your grand total to $3.06.

However, you should note that Kobo's system only allows you to use this code once per customer. Therefore, to save on the other two titles, you'll have to create dummy accounts (just use a disposable email address), and be sure to click the option to "Send this Book as a gift" before checking out. This will make all three books show up in your main account, and this work-around really only adds about five minutes total.

So finally, to get these on your EVO 3D or EVO View, just navigate to your stock Reader app, and then press Menu > Accounts > Kobo to sign in.

Please note: Some people have reported trouble viewing "gifted" titles in the stock HTC Reader app. If you experience this, you can simply download the .epub file from Kobo's site and place it anywhere on your SD card; the Reader app should then recognize it after a reboot. Alternately, you can download the Kobo app from Google Play. I prefer HTC's app, as there are better customization options, it's more compatible with the HTC Scribe, and there are neat animations when turning a page.

I have no idea how much longer this sale is good for, so if you are interested in this, I'd recommend purchasing these titles right away. Happy reading!

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