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Fastcharge/Force AC Toggle widget for root can help speed up charge times

It's a widget with no control optionsFastcharge/Force AC Toggle widget is a paid application that works with any kernel that supports chad0989's AC Toggle mod, which forces AC charging mode when connected to a USB connection. Currently, supported kernels are only available for the HTC EVO 3D in the EVO line of phones, but other EVOs may follow as kernel developers integrate the fast charge mod.

When your EVO is connected to a computer, or some car chargers, it will charge in USB mode. USB mode only pulls 500mAh regardless of what the charger or computer reports it's capable of delivering. Fastcharge mode flips a switch in the kernel that tells it to treat the connection like an AC connection and pull up to the maximum the phone or the USB is capable of delivering safely.

Charging off of my computer, this was the difference between charging at +380mAh without and +580mAh with. On one of my car chargers that generally reported sub 500mAh, I achieved a steady +860mAh over 15 minutes as reported by Battery Monitor Widget.

It should be noted that in Fastcharge AC mode, the widget must be toggled before you plug your phone in, and your USB does not work for ADB or Mount SD Card mode.

Chad Goodman's AnthraX RLS9 kernel and Dodova's stock mod kernel appear to support Fastcharge/AC Toggle. Others may also, but you'll need to check with the kernel developer.

Fastcharge mode is not SBC and should be no different to your EVO than plugging into a one-amp wall charger like the one that it shipped with.

Fastcharge/Force AC Toggle widget is by the author of the Fastcharge kernel mod, and is available for $1.49 from Google Play.

Download: Google Play

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