Cashbox wooden iPad-powered cash register looks awesome

cashbox - for some reason we don't have an alt tag hereI love wooden products, which is why I constantly dig them up from both retail sources and hobbyists. That’s also why the Cashbox wooden cash register iPad enclosure peaks my interest, despite me having no use for a cash register.

The Cashbox is made to be used with Square, the card payment system for mobile devices that has taken the world by storm over the last couple of years. The iPad and Square reader are both protected by a wooden bamboo case, which connects to an arc that lets the contraption switch between the cashier and customer easily. A cash drawer and  receipt printer also fits into the enclosure.

The pure awesomeness of anything made of wood aside, the fact is we see more and more products designed to incorporate mobile devices into business solutions. Back when Square launched, it was all about providing card payment capability to people and business that didn’t have them. Now, we see complicated setups like these that end up costing closer to $1500-2000 by the time you have all the “parts,” and it’s become more about the modern aspect of a touchscreen cash register. With the ability to get the Cashbox engraved for an extra fee, this definitely has the potential to make people admire the cash register – which is something I doubt many traditional registers can claim.

[Cashbox via Gizmodo]
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