Miniot introduces Miniot cover for iPad mini

Miniot Cover mini open

Miniot Cover mini typeI love woodworking, so I’ve been posting about Miniot’s iPad covers since the first one came out, more than two years ago. The small Dutch company now has several products in its portfolio, and just announced the latest addition, a Miniot cover for the iPad mini.

Like previous Miniot covers, it’s essentially a wooden Smart Cover-like magnetic cover. It includes a wooden hinge, attaches like the normal Smart Cover, and even rolls up so it can work as a stand- probably a better one than the original Smart Cover, too, since this one doesn’t rely on weak magnets at the tip to stay together. The design of the hinge has been perfected since the original, which had a “hinge” that wasn’t very functional, and even has a feature that apparently lets the cover stay flat against the back of the iPad mini. Exactly how this works I don’t know, but if it works, that alone will be a reason to get this.

Miniot Cover mini up

Like other Miniot covers, each cover is unique, since wood is (duh). You can have it engraved as well, as well as choose the wood type. I’ve always wanted to test one out, but haven’t been able to justify the cost, though with the €60 introductory price for the mini version, I might have to reconsider. I know it’s perhaps not the most practical cover out there, and that it’s just for looks, but I cannot get over how cool it is that something that precise can be done with wood, laser cutter or no laser cutter.

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