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How to fix constant redraws and blurry Google Maps Navigation

HW overlay / GPU RenderingThe newest Google Maps was released a little while back, and with it came some return to functionality for people who had suffered with problems for a long time. However, a few features were dropped or moved elsewhere, and it appears a new bug was introduced that causes Google Maps Navigation mode to redraw and go from blurry to sharp over and over again on some devices and configurations.

I’d heard about this happening before, but having been on a nice working ASOP ROM for a while. I hadn’t experienced it until flashing back to Sense, but the short of the problem is when in navigation mode, street names will constantly disappear, the streets will become blurred, and the map will re-render even if you’re sitting still. There are constant redraws of the screen and flickering, depending on the speed of the device.

The fix is pretty simple and involves just disabling hardware overlays and forcing GPU rendering.

On the HTC Sense ROMs I have, this can be done by going to Settings > Developer options > Advanced, and these two  should be within the first five options.

If you’re running navigation and experiencing the blurring and constant refreshing, and you do this, you’ll crash your Navigation. But for me at least it’s re-launchable without requiring me to reboot the phone.

It’s also pretty important that you do not do this while driving as, well, that’s dangerous. If you had the problem and it fixed it, or didn’t, let us know with what your device/ROM is.

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