Otterbox Pursuit Series Case for iPhone Review

It’s not really a “thing” here on Pocketables to review phone cases but I did get the chance to check out a couple of fine cases from Silk recently. They were good cases for the iPhone set and reasonably priced. Today, I’m reviewing another iPhone case but this one is at the other end of the price spectrum. It’s the OtterBox Pursuit Case, which is available for $70 (iPhone 7) and $80 (iPhone 7 Plus) directly from OtterBox. Is the case worth it? Find out below.

OtterBox Pursuit Case


There are a couple of things that I look for if I use a case on a phone (which isn’t all that often). First, it needs to offer protection. And second, it needs to look good. I try not to buy ugly phones and the last thing I want is an ugly case. So, how does the OtterBox Pursuit case measure up? It offers an excellent level of protection. It’s got reinforced corners, raised bezel guards, a protective membrane over the speakers, a seal that covers the charging port, and an inner liner that creates a seal to keep out dirt.

OtterBox Pursuit Case

All of this adds up to a case that OtterBox calls their “toughest, most protective case.” That’s saying something for a company that has made its name selling bulky armor for phones for years. The phone survived some moderate test drops with nary a scratch or dent (I can’t *really* drop the phone since I was testing with my wife’s iPhone – I’m not that stupid).  I don’t know if its just my mind playing tricks on me but I definitely felt like the iPhone was protected while using the case. More so than with other cases I’ve used.

There are some nice features that are worth mentioning, other than just the protective aspects. The volume buttons are nice and clicky; very easy to use. This is often a point of concern on bulky plastic cases. But not here. Also, OtterBox nailed the mute switch. Rather than trying to emulate the up/down motion of the switch like others do (I’m looking directly at you LifeProof), it’s a nice triangular toggle. Not once did I flip the switch and have the phone not respond. It’s an excellent implementation and one that other case manufacturers should “borrow.”

OtterBox Pursuit Case

Also, the case feels great in the hand. The plastic feels high quality and is quite sturdy. The case is really thin for an armor-style case. It’s actually quite surprising how thin the case is.


The OtterBox Pursuit case is a great case. It adds a lot of protection to your expensive iPhone. But, man, is it expensive or what? You really have to want this case to buy it at $70 for the iPhone 7 or $80 for the iPhone 7 Plus. Putting cost aside, it is easy to recommend the OtterBox Pursuit case. It fits perfectly, protects well, and feels great in the hand. I don’t think I’d personally ever drop that much money on a case, but if you are an OtterBox fan you will not be disappointed here. They’ve done a great job combining protection, feel, and thinness in one package.

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2 thoughts on “Otterbox Pursuit Series Case for iPhone Review

  • I’d be interested in hearing a follow up on this in a few months. I’ve had this issue with people swearing by them and then mentioning they’re on their fifth broken Otterbox case for the same phone.

  • How “grippy” is this case? I’ve tried the Rhinoshield cases which get great reviews for being protective but they’re so slick it makes them hard to hold on to. Nice that they can survive a fall but not cool when the design itself leads to more falls.


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