Sprint Hotspot issue day 11, finally know what they did

Hotspot Error

Perhaps you’ll recall my three hour plus conversation with Sprint about how my hotspot wasn’t working and I pay for it? They changed my plan, then it broke. Then they called to resolve it while I was in a meeting, then they called while I was at a funeral, then I rigged hotspot to work.

Every time the phone gets a profile update I end up losing tethering. DMed them today to call me, they called while I was on the crapper. I got this voicemail from them.

I can make out my name, but that’s about it. Warning, extremely loud static bursts. This is the general quality of the calls I get from Sprint Customer Service – unintelligible, extremely quiet.

I got back to the keyboard to tell them to call again and finally noticed something from the 19th.

Sprint got the wrong number

That, well you can’t tell, but that’s not my number. I checked. They modified a number that was not the one I was calling about. I check the screenshots I have of the entire chat transcript, no, I didn’t ever put that number in there, yes I told them what number to work on. Someone’s got a new plan guys.

I got a call from them shortly after discovering this, I can’t make out half of what the person calling said, it’s the same person with her mic turned to mumble, loud static pops. occasionally leaning in when I say I can’t hear her, I tell her I found it. Pretty sure Sprint employees are now doing this just to be able to mark a call resolved.

So yeah, the summary is that they modified a plan they weren’t given permission to modify after taking over three hours and getting the number to modify twice, never fixing the problem.

At least 3.5 hours wasted. Thanks Sprint!

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