CES requests? Some new things, your input solicited.

If you’ve been hanging with us the past few years you may recall that January is typically a pretty slow month. One person or another involved with Pocketables has been heading to CES for the past seven? years now.

Unfortunately with the Pocketables staff in the past we can either see everything, or we can write up 20 or so fluff articles like your big guys do on a CES daily basis (they have a lot of writers on hand, fluff may not be the right word, divide and conquer?) and claim that they’ve found the world’s first so and so when six other of the same thing were an aisle or two away.

I generally choose see everything. It’s either that, or see a bit, locate somewhere with WiFi, write an article on what feels like dial-up, trudge back in, realize battery is now dead, curse. Paul also types extremely slowly on laptops. It’s sad really.

Picture an old guy walking all day pressing a clicker every time he sees “world’s first…” after he saw it an aisle ago… that’s me.

We’re planning to try something a little different this year, perhaps you have input.

  1. skipping media day, everyone else covers that and probably can cover it completely before I can finish spell checking. Also skipping it as I’m not paying for another day in a hotel. Everything is broadcast on the internet anyway. I’m not packing a DSLR and Michael Bay isn’t going to be there this year so not particularly expecting to miss anything.
  2. Anything neat I see I’m planning on a short youtube video which the other editors can see and can either write up or realize I’ve discovered nothing.
  3. Posting the short un-commented videos in a youtube channel so readers can request info.
  4. Posting a series of photos of products that if anyone wants any info on I’ll get it to them/post it. Photostream of some sort.
Tech Crawfish
Here we see Paul’s profile picture from when he was a crawfish (with a recent Porg addition.) Sadly this outfit no longer exists due to someone in the Nashville Junior Chamber of commerce taking it out, getting drunk, and losing it.

Any suggestions on how to make this interesting to the readers appreciated. Last year’s suggestion of attending in a crab outfit was taken to heart, but I don’t have one so unless someone else wants to provide the Tech Crawfish costume, probably not happening.

I’m also probably not going to rag nearly so much on CES’s security as I somehow got brownlisted and stuck in limbo for three months the last time I did that. So yeah, lesson lernt.

Everyone’s got their angle… I try to find the most interesting new products to report on while making connections with companies I like.

Eh, any suggestions appreciated. Hopefully this will work out as a more interesting CES week for readers.

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