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Hey all, I know this sounds like SEO BS and some way to boost user engagement, but we’ve had a little bit of an issue with our current hosts SiteGround and while it’s supposedly fixed, I won’t know until some actual use happens by a few people. I’m asking you to generate some use in the form of commenting, clicking an article or two, or basically doing anything to cause a database entry to happen.

My guess is if we can get about 15 people to comment that’ll be 2-3 months worth of database activity… sadly.

This is entirely that database issue continuing. TL;DR Last week we exceeded 1gb in the MySQL database for 21 years of content or so, and I fixed it. That day. We were given three days grace period and it was done in probably 4 hours because I was not at a computer and database work is not fun on a phone.

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Today I was informed our database was limited.

image 61 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here

Logged in, error messages, warnings that it was over a gig, and once again site tools saying under a gig. Ticket opened, worked, told that the ticket just had to be cleared, site seems to be working, but yeah.

Anyway if you’d click around, post a comment, I’d appreciate it. If you don’t want to potentially risk some sort of SEO trap by the evil Pocketables Overlords, can I get you to click this ancient link just so I can see a counter of an ancient article increment and make it onto the stats page.

Saturday, what better day to work on buggy product I pay for?

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