Begun, the Roborock wars have (Roborock H7 vs S7)

It’s Sunday, clean up after my 6yo day, and I broke out the Roborock H7 to handle some shredded cheese that somehow missed the plate, missed the table, missed the carpet, hit the floor and went right under the carpet. Rhonda, our beloved Roborock S7, does not do under carpets.

I cleaned up the area, placed the H7 standing upright against a wall in the dining room, and asked Rhonda to spot clean the living room as, well, evidently I didn’t see what was coming coming.

Roborock S7
You could tell from the start there was anger brewing in her soul

Rhonda started heading to the living room, took a hard right for no reason, and knocked the H7 over. I heard the thing break over the sound of it slamming.

The S7 has fought for dominance against all other competitors thus far winning a spot at my house and a name bestowed upon her by my wife. Now there can be only one.

Roborock H7 takes a dive

Judging by the only place I can locate replacement parts, that was a $33 wrong turn. Womp womp.

I suspect strongly Rhonda always had hate in her heart for the H7, but does teach me to not lean a stick vac up and expect it to not be attacked by a roving dirt death dealer.

Learn from my $33 fail kids… don’t leave a stick vac propped against a wall. Will hope the replacement fixes this as Rhonda still lacks the ability to get shredded cheese from underneath a carpet… and I still don’t know how my 6yo manages to do this.

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