There’s something new on the Horizon

XGIMI has a teaser up, currently with a countdown of six days as of this writing about the Horizon Ultra, a new product in the Horizon line. We’ve reviewed the Horizon Pro, the Elfin and the MoGo 2 Pro previously.

XGIMI Horizon Ultra teaser
Someone might know more than they're saying

Specs aren’t posted for the XGIMI Horizon Ultra, but from what you can see from the teaser is it’s got Harmon Kardon audio, 4K, appears to be a long throw projector, and sports an interesting base. I would suspect that base is a bass base as there doesn’t appear to be side vents for audio. Is there a speaker behind the kitty scratcher up front? Just going to have to speculate until August 31, 2023.

Zooming the picture we’ve got this text

Zoomed in on the teaser photo of the XGIMI Horizon Ultra

Looks like 4K Zoom lens, F-1.6 – 1.8 Throw Ratio 1.2-1.5 but I can’t tell from the pixels. If you can read something different let me know.

On the right side of the unit are three circular… circles… one of which appears to be a camera. One’s a circle with a yellow light in it? Beats me. I would guess one’s for focus (camera,) one’s for distance, but not sure what the other could be.

Zoomed in on the teaser photo of the XGIMI Horizon Ultra

Based on their previous projectors it’s probably safe to say it’s Android TV, well supported, better than expected.

Looks significantly like the XGIMI RS Pro 3 which is an international version being sold in … hard to tell, but not in the US… looks exactly like that except the writing on the top left of the unit. Whooo those specs. May or may not be that, never know what they’re going to stick in the same body but if it is it’s impressive.

So if you’re shopping for a new projector you might want to hold off until the end of the month and see what the XGIMI Horizon Ultra specs are.

Sort of reminds me of a radio my mom used to have in the 80’s.

You can see the teaser page here

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