I am unenthusiastically upgrading to the Pixel 8 Pro

There was a pretty decent deal for trading my unit in as is (unless I crack it in the next 15 days)… I am also vaguely curious what the Tensor g3 chip can manage because one of the things I really do adore with the Pixel 7 Pro has been pretty instantaneous voice recognition. We’ll see.

Pixel 8 Pro

Absolutely had to have the Pixel’s Call Screening, even though I have heard that Bixby’s got that availability I don’t feel like diving back into the Samsung waters just yet.

I’m going to chalk up a lot of my bad experiences with the Pixel 7 Pro to this device. I think it was damaged from the start as I’ve been having overheating issues since fairly early on. The red line that crept into the bottom of my screen I suspect was related. I get in a crowd and the phone gets extremely hot.

If it hadn’t been for that, and the abysmal charging issues, most of which were repaired in an update, I would have considered the Pixel 7 Pro as next to perfect. I’m not particularly un-enthused about the Pixel 8 Pro, but I would have stuck with my 7 if I thought it would last another year (red line is getting bright enough I can see it, and it’s attempting to imitate the iPhone 15 when I’m talking on it now).

This may be the only phone upgrade I am doing because I suspect the unit I have will die and is damaged.

Not exactly a compelling reason to stick with Google on a product, but man once you have that call screening and stop getting nonstop spam calls… it’s a feature I’m not willing to lose.

This also marks the first time in my life I’ve had a phone on pre-order, and two games on pre-order. I’m not a pre-ordering kinda person, then again these are strange times.

What could the IR temperature sensor be used for other than telling food temperature? I suspect there’s something there that they’re not saying due to not wanting to get it registered as a medical device or it taking too long to do that.

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