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Unboxing the iriver clix 2

The clix 2 is iriver’s latest (and some would say greatest) digital audio player. Also called the clix gen 2, clix2, second-gen clix, and even just the clix, the flash player became officially available in the U.S. on April 12th. I got mine from The iriver Store, which currently stocks the 4GB model and will undoubtedly offer the 8GB version when it’s released.


While I work on my full review, here’s a round of unboxing shots to give you an idea of what to expect when you get yours.

Even though iriver refers to the player as the clix, I’m going to continue to call it the clix 2, which is what it was called at CES in January.


Here we go.








The unboxing experience is only slightly prolonged by a meager set of packaged accessories.


Even iriver’s mr. cable character is unhappy with the bundle.


Now on to the clix 2, packaged like it’s luncheon meat (just like the S7 and X20).




I didn’t realize the player was this thin.


Oh my god,  it’s absolutely gorgeous. Pictures don’t do it justice.



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13 thoughts on “Unboxing the iriver clix 2

  • Avatar of enterman

    very nice unboxing shots Jen, cant wait for full review

  • Oh wow, I hope they aren’t to expensive, depending upon the review, I might have to pick one up! I seriously need to replace my Dell Pocket DJ, but why the heck do these PMPs have to be so small? I’m talking storage space, I mean the Dell is like 3 years old and it looks to be about the same size as the Clix, but the Clix has only 4GB storage. I know there will be an 8GB version, but it will probably be to pricey to justify only 8GB of storage space.

    Though I’m sure with all the stuff they packed in there (color screen and all) makes it harder to get a large storage device inside. Speaking of – Is the whole thing touch screen? I don’t see any buttons… how large is the screen?

  • Avatar of John Kim


    The Clix2 runs on a D-click system like it’s predcessor, so that the edges on the Clix2 act as buttons, and you click the sides to scroll through menu, and etc.

    It sounds very tedious, but I heard the D-Click system is actually pretty intuitive

  • I’ve been hearing very positive things about the Clix 2 and I’m all ready to order from the iRiver store. Just in case though, I’m waiting for your review first =)

  • hello!

    this is such a great site with very thorough reviews! i am glad that i have discovered this website.

    i have a question with the clix: is the U.S.version any different than the korean version?

    thanks and can’t wait for the review!

  • Dammit Jenn!

    Yer making me right jealous.. you are.

    Mr. Cable Character belongs to ME.

    BTW, where’s the cheese, if it’s all packed like luncheon meat,eh? ..and I thought these package meals came with crackers? Riddle me that! Smarty…

  • @ Benz: The screen is a 2.2″ AMOLED and as John said, the player does indeed use iriver’s D-Click navigational system. I *think* the Clix 2 is the 5th to use the system (the other four are the original clix/U10, S10, S7, and newly announced B20), which definitely has a certain cool factor but is not without its shortcomings.

    @ taeho: I read somewhere that only the Korean version supports lyrics display, but I’m not 100% sure if 1) it’s true and 2) it’s the only difference. The player has a bunch of language settings built into it, so I’m thinking that all the “versions” are actually the same and it’s just a matter of which language is set as the default.

    @ Utew: Rats. You noticed I didn’t take a picture of the EMPTY container. Okay, okay, a nice assortment of water crackers and a finely aged chunk of cheddar are, in fact, both packed beneath the player. I didn’t think they were relevant here, so I put them on my other site, lunchables. I mentioned I was the heiress to the Oscar Mayer fortune, right?

  • Thanks for the great shots Jen..we’re looking forward to your review.

    So far everyone who has had the chance to hold the device and check out the video on the AMOLED has been blown away.

    To answer some other questions here, the 2nd gen clix devices are priced at 2GB: 149.99, 4GB: $199.99 and 8GB:$249.99.

    The 8GB should be available online by June through, the iriver store and some other online outlets.

    The D-Click Navigation is a really intuitive user interface that lets you rip through the various menus and get to the right content quickly.

    I’m not aware of any different functionalities of the Korean version of the device except for the language setting, but If I hear differently I’ll let you all know.

    Mike Kelly (iriver America)

  • Do any of you know when the W10 is coming out though? And if it has AMOLED?

    Reading the specs for that… I can’t wait to get my dirty fingers all over that …

  • Greetings John,

    The iriver W10 is slated to hit the US Market in July, and will feature:

    – WQVGA widescreen display.

    -8GB flash memory with mini-SD slot for expanded memory

    -touchscreen navigation (stylus included or you can use your finger),

    -WiFi adapter so you can stream content directly from your computer, and even make VoIP phone calls.

    -Location-based GPS functionality with pre-programmed hotspots in major cities so you can find restaurants or a hospital for example.

    – Support for a wide variety of text, audio, video, and photo file formats includng MPEG4, WMV9, MP3, WMA, and AAC.

    It’s really the next level in design and functionality and I think it will be very well recieved.

    Mike Kelly (iriver)

  • Avatar of Ryan Burr

    I’m really looking forward to the 8gb iriver, but I have to ask what’s with the delay? Are there any updates on its availability, as the expected June date has now come and gone. In comparison, the 8gb ipod nano has been out for more than 6 months now.

  • I really don’t know why it’s taking so long either. I had read that the black-and-red version (not sure if there will be an all-black one) was due out in China a few weeks ago, but I think what ended up being released was just a 4GB model.

    Now that there’s already talk of an impending clix 3, a green-and-cream (silver?) clix 2 was recently spotted in Korea, and the W10 launch is drawing near, I don’t know what iriver is waiting for.

  • Avatar of Andrew

    I think iriver’s causing the delay on purpose because since iriver’s having a competition with Apple, iriver is developing more and more features to make it better. So right after another product from Apple comes out, iriver can top that. Sending out too many devices make them feel spoiled, so they launch 1 by 1, so it teases the people who want to get it.

    IRIVER FTW. I got my Clix 1 awhile back, and I really loved it… except it didn’t have a flash player, so the browsing part was pretty slow. I really want to get Clix 2 8GB from Korea. America’s taking too long to launch it. Finally, a perfection at last.


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