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Review: iriver E100

At CES 2008, iriver unveiled a panoply of new digital media players it planned to release in various regions throughout the year. First out of the gate in select countries and scheduled for a U.S. debut by early April is the iriver E100. In addition to being the company’s first device to natively support FLAC, the E100 has built-in stereo speakers, line-in recording capabilities, and a microSD card slot. 


Read my full review below to decide if you’ll be first in line to pick up an E100. And if you can’t wait for the official release, is standing by with 2GB, 4GB, and 8GB models in stock and ready to be shipped to you today.


This review is based on the E100 running firmware version 1.03.

System Specifications

2GB, 4GB, 8GB
MicroSD card
Supported audio:
Supported video:
MPEG4-SP (less than 30fps, 2Mbps, 320 x 240)
WMV9 (less than 30fps, 768kbps, 320 x 240)
Supported photo:
Photo viewer, FM radio, FM & voice recorder,
line-in recording, stereo speakers, text viewer
Display: 2.4" TFT (320 x 240)
Dimensions: 3.65" x 1.88" x 0.44"
Weight: 2.09 ounces
Black, white, chocolate, pink, sky blue


More so than in previous years, iriver seems to have really considered the importance of presentation and a user’s first impression.


While last year’s players were packed like luncheon meat in "snappable" molded hard plastic, the E100 (and presumably the rest of the new line-up, including the Mplayer portable speaker) appears to "float" inside a clear plastic box.


The low-tech effect is achieved by setting the player into a plastic divider that sits in front of a white cardboard box full of accessories. It’s simplicity without sacrificing style.



Inside the accessory box are a USB 2.0 cable, earphones, mini software CD, warranty pamphlet, and quick start guide.



The E100 itself is equally simple and stylish, with rounded corners, no contrasting color, and a clean face. Although the player feels slightly toy-like because of its lightweight plastic casing, it still lives up to iriver’s usual standards of quality.

The plastic is smooth, durable, and in the case of the white model (sky blue, chocolate, black, and pink also available), resistant to fingerprints and scratches.


The iriver E100 is rather unremarkable in size. At 3.65 x 1.88 x 0.44 inches,  it isn’t the world’s smallest, thinnest, biggest, thickest, or longest flash player.




It’s about mid-sized for a flash player, something that probably wouldn’t generate negative or positive comments from those who have never seen it before.



Shown above is the E100 sandwiched between the SanDisk Sansa View, Samsung P2, Sony A810, and iriver clix 2.



Gracing the front of the player is a 2.4-inch TFT QVGA (320 x 240) display. Colors are bright and accurate, but viewing angles could use some improvement. Truth be told, it’s difficult to be impressed by the E100’s screen after being spoiled by the glorious AMOLED used on the clix 2.


Videos automatically switch the screen orientation to right-handed landscape mode, while photos can be manually rotated in 90-, 180-, and 270-degree increments. The rest of the system (as well as the main menu) is locked in portrait mode.


Beneath the display are the E100’s main controls.


Early details indicated that the player would utilize the same D-Click navigation system found on the clix 2 and other devices, but iriver never mentions it by name in the product manual and it’s confined to the bottom third of the unit.

In other words, the E100 doesn’t have traditional D-Click controls that make use of a DAP’s edges. Instead, the menu buttons (as iriver calls them) are housed beneath a plastic plate so that each printed arrow is easily and satisfyingly clickable; the recessed square in the middle is the OK button.

Icons and text displayed on the screen indicate what action each menu button will perform in various areas of the system. There’s no visual guide for what will happen when a button is pressed and held down, but the right button typically opens an options menu and the left usually brings you back to the main menu.

Additional controls and I/O ports can be found on all four sides of the E100.


On the right side are a power button, microphone, and volume rocker.


A reset pinhole and hold switch are on the left.


At the top is a covered microSD card slot that iriver says can support cards up to 4GB in size. I only have a 2GB card at my disposal, but Jeff from MisticRiver has confirmed for me that SDHC cards up to 8GB are compatible as well.

I’ll go into more detail below, but since you’re looking at the card slot right now, I should mention that content stored on microSD is not integrated with the E100’s internal memory.


A line-in jack, covered mini USB 2.0 port, lanyard loops, and headphone jack are at the bottom of the device.


And as on the iriver X20, the E100’s stereo speakers are located on the back.

User Interface

Many will notice the similarity between the horizontally "sliding" icons used in the E100’s main menu system and the Cover Flow interface Apple uses to display album art in iTunes (and various iPods).


Before upgrading to the latest firmware (version 1.0.3 as of this writing), the interface experienced a slight lag when cycling through the icons. Since the upgrade, however, responsiveness is greatly improved.

The largely monochromatic UI is not skinnable, theme-able, or wallpaper-able, but it’s straightforward and fairly easy to use. Accessing media is not a simple click away, though, so beginners may need some guidance when picking up the E100 for the first time.


The primary stumbling block is that the microSD card’s contents are not integrated with the internal storage. Because of this, most areas of the system include a "Dir List" option that brings up "Internal Memory" and "External Memory" items when clicked.

Having to select where content is stored adds an extra step between finding what you want and playing it. For example, here’s the path to watch a video:

  • Use the left/right menu buttons to navigate to "Videos" in the main menu.
  • Click the OK button to select it.
  • Use the down menu button to highlight "Dir List."
  • Click the OK button or the right menu button.
  • Select "Internal Memory" or "External Memory," depending on where the desired video is located.
  • Find the video file and press the OK button to play it.
  • Note: Everything stored on the microSD card will be listed if "External Memory" is chosen, so  pre-transfer organization is important if you don’t want to scroll through long lists of loose mixed media files.


The music menu is the most well organized because it reads ID3 tags and appropriately categorizes audio stored on the E100’s internal memory. Music on a microSD card still needs to be accessed through the "Dir List" (or the File Manager in the main menu), but at least everything on internal storage is sorted by artist, album, genre, etc.

Transferring Content

The E100 is both MTP and UMS/MSC-compliant, so there are a variety of methods for transferring content from a PC or Mac. Switching between transfer types can be done through Settings -> Advanced -> Connection Type.


Selecting UMS/MSC ensures compatibility across platforms and enables the E100 to appear on your Mac or PC as standard removable storage (just like a USB flash drive). A folder structure is already present on the player, so transferring content is as simple as dragging supported file formats into the correct folders.

Drag-and-drop is also available in MTP mode through Windows Explorer.


If you prefer the software route, the mini CD supplied with the E100 contains both iriver plus 3 (MSC connection required) and Windows Media Player 11 (MTP connection required). Software is required for creating and managing playlists, as on-the-go playlists or quick lists cannot be created directly on the E100.

Iriver supplies Movie Converter to transcode videos into an E100-compatible format and recommends iriver plus 3 to transfer them to the player. Having been unsatisfied with Movie Converter’s performance in the past, however, I would recommend skipping it entirely and using either CloneDVD mobile, iriverter, or SUPER. For help on getting videos on the E100, please visit the MisticRiver forums.


The iriver E100 supports music purchased/downloaded from online services such as Napster to Go and Rhapsody, as well as unprotected MP3, WMA, ASF, OGG, and FLAC formats.


Playback features include A-B repeat, play modes (normal, repeat, repeat one, shuffle, shuffle + repeat), presets EQs (normal, rock, pop, classic, soft, jazz), a 5-band custom EQ, SRS WOW HD audio enhancements (SRS, TruBass, Focus, WOW, Definition), fade-in, scan speeds, ratings, and bookmarks. As stated earlier, playlists cannot be created directly on the E100; they must be created, managed, and transferred with software.

Like with the clix 2, skipping to the next/previous track is managed by the up and down menu buttons (rather than the more logical left and right buttons). Unfamiliarity with the layout will result in frequent user error at first, but learning the new system doesn’t take much getting used to.

Sound quality

I’ve always been really pleased with iriver’s sound quality in the past, but my ears and Ultimate Ears 5 Pro in-ear monitors are a bit . . . well . . . underwhelmed by how the E100 sounds. It should be more than satisfying for casual listeners who use the earphones supplied with the player, but those with more discerning ears or experience with other DAPs may long for richer and perhaps cleaner sound.

I still maintain that iriver produces players with above-average sound quality, but I’m just not as blown away by it as I used to be. In a purely subjective side-by-side comparison (same song playing with no EQ or other enhancement enabled) between the E100, Sony A810, Toshiba gigabeat T400, and Creative ZEN, my ears and UE give top honors to the gigabeat. Your experience may vary, but I’d put the E100 in last place compared to the others.


The preloaded video clips are a bit pixelated so they don’t adequately showcase the E100’s video capabilities, which are actually quite good.


Colors are nicely saturated, playback is smooth, and the size of the display makes extended viewing pretty comfortable. In addition to being able to delete videos directly from the device, the E100 features video bookmarking, sequential playback, and scan speeds up to 32X.


Photo viewer


The iriver E100 supports JPG, BMP, PNG, and GIF photo files and can display them individually or in a slideshow. Photos can be rotated, zoomed in, and deleted from the player without the use of a computer. Pretty standard stuff.


FM radio

The FM radio is also standard fare.


Tuner sensitivity cannot be adjusted, but it seems to be perfect where it is. It doesn’t pick up those static-filled in-between stations that some tuners find and save as presets, so there isn’t anything to be undone after an automatic scan.

Reception will vary by location, but here in Honolulu it’s crisp and clear.

FM and voice recorder

FM and voice recordings are saved in WMA format and vary in bitrate according to recording quality settings: high (192kbps), medium (128kbps), low (96kbps).


Saved files are kept together and can be accessed through Music -> Saved Recordings.

Line-in recording

One of the E100’s stand-out extra features is its line-in recording function.


When hooked up to an external device via the line-in jack, the E100 can record audio played on the external unit in three qualities (96kbps, 128kbps, 192kbps). Like FM and voice recordings, line-in recordings are saved in WMA format and accessible through Music -> Saved Recordings.

Stereo speakers

The line-in jack also allows other DAPs to use the E100’s stereo speakers. Sound quality is poor, but I suppose it’s better than nothing.


The speakers can also be put to use by the E100 itself, of course. Unfortunately, they don’t sound much better than when used with an external device. By comparison, the built-in speakers on the Samsung S5 are louder, clearer, and generally just superior.

The E100’s speakers are sufficient for personal use in a quiet room, but the volume needs to cranked up really high for anything to be comfortably audible.

Text viewer

TXT files under 10MB can be opened and read on the E100, which offers automatic scrolling in 3- to 7-second increments, font sizes (small, medium, large), bookmarking, and file deletion directly from the player.

Player in Action

Battery Life

The E100’s non-removable lithium-polymer battery has an estimated runtime of up to 5 hours for video and 25 hours for audio playback. Actual runtime will vary according to screen brightness, bitrate, and other factors, but based on my usage of the player, iriver’s estimates are generally accurate.


The iriver E100 is a stylish digital audio player that ups the ante with native FLAC support, built-in stereo speakers, microSD card expansion slot, and line-in recording functions on top of the usual feature set many expect to find on modern DAPs.


Unfortunately, some of what sets the E100 apart from the crowd isn’t done as well as it should be (e.g., speaker sound quality, non-integration of microSD card contents), turning what would normally be considered strong points into part of the player’s weaknesses.

The E100 is still a solid player that does many things well, but it isn’t the stellar DAP many were hoping for when details were first revealed at CES 2008. Most users will be pleased by the unit’s sound quality, battery life, design, and extra features, but some (like me) will be left wanting more. The iriver E100 is undeniably good . . . but it’s not great.

Scheduled for release in the U.S. in late March/early April, the iriver E100 can already be purchased with a chamude pouch from in 2GB ($110), 4GB ($139), and 8GB ($190) capacities.

UPDATE: 4GB ($110)ir?t=pocketables 20&l=ur2&o=1 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here and 8GB ($160)ir?t=pocketables 20&l=ur2&o=1 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here now available at Amazon.

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84 thoughts on “Review: iriver E100

  • Jen,
    When can we get some video of the E100. I would love to see a video walkthrough of the UI.

  • Hi Heath. I’m waiting for it to process on YouTube right now. I don’t know what’s taking so long (it’s been nearly an hour already). I’ll add it to the review as soon as it’s done.

    Update 10pm: The video is up now. See “Player in Action” above “Battery Life” section.

  • Jenn,
    Thanks, looks like a great little mp3 player.

  • Hi,
    I want a new mp3 player but i can’t choose-iriver e100 or iriver clix 2 .What do you think?

  • Avatar of Reply to hi

    i say get the e100. i tried the clix 2. not that good because after a while. the side buttons become loose. def. the e100

  • Avatar of Jimmy Suggs

    Does this thing play divx files without requiring conversion? A long shot I know, but hope springs eternal…

  • @ Stoil: It all depends on your needs. For example, if you need built-in speakers and memory card slot, the clix 2 is not the player for you. On the other hand, if what you’re after is a gorgeous display, flash games, and a customizable UI, then you should skip the E100

    @ Jimmy: No such luck. Conversion is definitely needed. I loaded several DivX4 videos and only got a “format not supported” message when trying to play them.

  • Jenn,
    You say you are not impressed by the sound quality, do you feel that it is better than an ipod?

  • Avatar of Jimmy Suggs

    Aw nuts.

    Follow up question, if I may?

    Roughly how long does it take to convert a video? I’ve never done it before and I’m just wondering if it’s a laborious process or one that I could stand sitting through?

    I really like just about everything about this player, but if it takes 3 hours to convert an hour of divx- I’d probably have to pass.

    Thanks in advance and thanks again for the great review.

  • @ Heath: Keeping in mind that I’m not an audiophile and am basing this assessment purely on my ears and Ultimate Ears IEMs, the E100 does not sound better than the iPod. I did a side-by-side this morning with the E100, new shuffle, new nano, and iPhone, and the E100 produced the flattest, most unbalanced sound (the iPhone sounded the best).

  • Hi Jimmy. Conversion time varies according to the program you’re using and your system, but on my Vaio TZ (1.06GHZ Core 2, 2GB RAM), it took 44 minutes to transcode a 42-minute DivX file to WMV using the built-in conversion tool in iriver plus 3.

    Other programs should be faster, but I didn’t have time to download and try any of them today. Ripping a DVD into a compatible format should take less time as well (my app of choice is CloneDVD mobile).

  • Avatar of philz95

    That looks terrific!!

  • Hi Jenn,

    Exceptional review, very informative!

    In your opinion, how would you compare the E100 and the Creative Labs newer Zen. Seems to me that they are very compatible, but the screen quality with the Zen would be better, correct?

    Which one would you suggest as the best, between these two I mentioned?

    Thank you!

  • Hi,it’s me again
    I want to ask -does the e100 supports set the tempo of the song(faster or slower).What about clix 2

  • great review. How about comparing it to the SanDisk Sansa e280? Features and price seem similar. Thanks

  • Hi,it’s me again
    I wanted to buy clix 2 but when i saw creative zen i was beginning to have second thoughts,because the Zen has the same features and it’s nice looking and it has 16.7 million colours and it has micro SD slot.I prefer the clix 2 but can you tell me why the clix 2 is more expensive than the Zen

  • Hi,it’s me again.
    The Clix 2 has unremovable battery so when it “dies” what am i supposed to do.I live in Bulgaria
    and the is no iriver centre in Bulgaria.Am I supposed to sent it to america or to the closest country where there is a iriver centre.My second question is:if I charge it every week after how much time the battery will need charging

  • Avatar of Anoniem.

    Well I like this Iriver e100 pretty much, but now I’ve seen the review, I’m not really sure…
    because the sound is not really good? Or is that not what your saying, is only the sound with earphones good, or also not?
    Do you suggest this to buy, or not to buy?
    Well,so I like it, but I’m not sure, I don’t know what to do..
    Oh and very good review, it’s nice because I haven’t seen another review here in Holland.

    Thank you for the review. Bye.

  • Hi,It’s me again :)
    in the review of the clix 2 you said : the screen is gorgeous.In the Zen’s review too.I want to ask which of the screens is better

  • @ qudduz: The ZEN has a much better screen than the E100.

    @ kkong: I don’t own and have never used the Sansa e280, so I can’t do a comparison.

    @ Stoil: There’s no cut-and-dry answer why iriver DAPs are generally more expensive than Creative’s. Iriver’s 2007 line-up (which the clix 2 was included in) was just priced higher than most of its competition. It’s too soon to tell right now, but it appears that the new generation will be priced more competitively.

    I don’t know how you would get the battery replaced. You’d need to contact iriver directly for that (my guess is that you’d send it to the nearest iriver headquarters). How often you would need to charge the battery depends on your usage.

    The ZEN’s screen is better because it’s an AMOLED.

    @ Anoniem: The E100’s sound quality leaves much to be desired, both through earphones and the built-in speaker. As stated in the review, though, casual users should be satisfied with the way it sounds. It really comes down to your personal standards and what kind of earphones you’ll be using.

  • “The ZEN’s screen is better because it’s an AMOLED.”
    I think the clix 2 has an AMOLED so which is better the AMOLED or LCD

  • Oops, sorry, that’s what I meant to say. I guess my fingers weren’t listening to my brain! The clix 2’s screen is better because it’s an AMOLED.

  • Should I sell my iriver X20(2gb)and buy iriver E100 ? is it worth it? (the stereo speakers are very important to me)

  • Hello i’m interested in buying a mp4 that basically have these options: Is any expert here that can help me ??
    a Mp4 that could play wav files, read text and listening songs at the same time. Also Record fm easily.

    By browsing many mp4 the iriver suites more or less my wishes. Samsung T10 also is a good option but doesn’t play WAV. Creative ZEN doesn’t record fm. And one of my needs is the ability to record fm.

    At the beginning the iriver x20 suited me but i think doesn’t support txt. Then i found iriver clix2 but in other review here in pocketables says about the difficult and easeless to record fm : (“One thing I don’t particularly care for about the clix 2’s FM feature is that recording can’t be done from the radio screen. That is, when you’re listening to the radio and you want to record something, you can’t do it with a simple click. Instead, you need to press and hold the right edge of the player to bring up the context menu, select “Record,” and then click the right edge again to start/stop the recording” (post here). I want to know is this difficult when recording a broadcasting directly from FM is watched in the new iriver E100 or E100 improve this option.
    Another question i have for the experts is if iriver E100 can play WAV files cause iriver clix 2 can do it
    At says that new E100 player has got a timer recording. What this feature means exactly ? ( I’m from Spain and my english is not rather good ). Does it mean that you can set up how many time the player is recording or it means that you can schedule the recording at fixed time and at fixed fm station ?

    How about quality sound between iriver clix 2 and iriver E100 ?
    And finally does iriver x20 and iriver clix2 support view text while listening song at the same time ?
    I love listening music at the top quality while singing and learning lyrics. As so as be able to memorize a good and strange indie songs broadcast in strange fm station. So recording from FM options is a very important point to me.

    You can write me at [email protected]. Thank you very much

  • I have a iriver e100. after 15 days, the tuner is dead (no station is received), vers. 1.3. i have downloaded the 1.4 (not installed). to be continued

  • Avatar of Florent

    i, I want to buy a DAP. My choices are the iriver E100 and the Creative Zen. I’m only interested in the sound quality and the response of the user interface. Is there such a big diference between these two players? (in my country, the Zen costs aprox. 30$ more). What is your advice? Thanks

  • #to Florent# the aproximativ from Creative is Zen V Plus,sound is more quality on E100 with earphones only,a plus is the software,convert all video file needet.(the fm tuner problem is from country freqence..not supported to be ripared)

  • Avatar of nywytboy68

    Off Topic: I hope I’m not causing too much trouble by asking if you plan on reviewing the Cowon iAudio D2. I know the player has been around since 2007 but I’d like to hear your take on it(you do EXCELLENT WORK SO,……..). Well, thanks for letting me put this up and also, I also find the E100 to be a huge letdown – could have been a STELLAR player.

  • Well, I’ve finally planned to buy the e100… But I still can’t decide on the colour xD

    White, or black? Which colour do you prefer? Will the white plastic lose his shine ?

    Does the e100 look like a toy ? oO

    Just want to know ^^
    Thank you :)

  • what size head phone jack dose it take is it 3.5mm

  • sorry forgot to put my email in same question as above

  • i like e100 file man, text and speakers but i like ZEN display and i hobe the sound quality

    what to choos?? :D

  • I’m choosing between the e100 and x20. What should I get? I like both of them, but which would be better for in terms of overall quality and usability? Thanks! :D

  • i own e100 and im loving it. Im using bose qc2 and e100 can drive my headphone so good.

    Even my fren samsung p2 cannot drive the bose headphone as good as e100.

    to me, once i played some good flac music (which does not hang like what people said) i wont be navigating the “sluggish” menu until i feel like changing the mood.. but so far it never hang on me.

    worth your money thats all i can say. Try it. for casual listening its fine though. Im very satisfied for the past 1 month.

  • Hoping somebody can help me out with this (seemingly simple) request.

    My boyfriend purchased the 8gb iriver E100 a fortnight ago after his iPod having spluttered its way through several years of on-off service.

    We have ripped CDs by 35-40 different artists using the supplied iriver plus 3 software.

    The issue is that when scrolling through the “artist” list on the device, artists appear not in alphabetical order but in the order they were transferred to the device (ie the “newist” artist added is at the bottom of the list).

    There’s nothing in the manual about this and I’ve searched all of the in-built help files to no avail.

    We just want the artists to display in simple alphabetical order and I’m sure it’s as easy as changing a few options but we’re tearing our hair out as we can’t figure out how.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Aside from this it appears to be a great little player – personally I use a 20gb Creative Zen but for a smaller machine the iriver E100 looks excellent.

  • I have tried everything to put a video on this iriver e100. I have a mac and not sure how to get iriver plus on it. i have converted videos to wma files and still get the same message that files are not formatted. need help!

  • I have also Iriver and he works good. I find the sound very good. why says everyone such negative things???

  • suup evrybdy
    i hv got the iriver bu ti don’t knw where to get music videos for it…so can anybody help me with that??

  • Similar request as Kathryn 08/05/2008 – How do I sort alphabetically in Music>Dir List>Internal Memory? Cheers.

  • Similar request as Kathryn 08/05/2008 – How do I sort alphabetically in Music>Dir List>Internal Memory? Cheers.

  • Avatar of Omar Fuentes

    After reading all these very informative reviews on the E100, I realized that I will never get rid of my H320. The sound stands without comparison. Of course I’m using Rockbox but owning a Creative Vision M and an iPod, I can definitely confirm that nothing in the market compares to the amazing sound of the iRiver H320 with Graphic Equalizer. It’s true that a pair of Sennheiser PX100 helps a lot, but I tried them with the other devices too and my old H320 remains far away in top. There are several better looking devices in the market, but personally I don’t care about “look” but sound quality. From Bach to Zeppelin, from New Wave to Jazz, EVERYTHING sounds better in my lovely H320!!!

  • i have a problem wid my e100… it doesnt work and its new… when i open it… the iriver logo only appears in the screen… when i click bottons it doesnt work… and when im trying to close it it doesnt close anymore.. what im going to do???

  • i just bought a black 4gb e100 from warehouse and it is so good. Good price for good quality. Recommended for everyone

  • Please help >> I put my music on the player but its not alphabetical. Is there any way i can have it alphabetically? thanks! :)

  • Does bookmarking work on mp3s (not just audible content?) Also, does it have a snooze feature?

  • Avatar of

    How can I put lyrics in this player ? I cant use iRiver LDB Manager beacuse i dont support e100, there is no “lyrics” folder :-(

  • Just bought the e100 for daughters b/day. I am a complete virgin when it comes to mp3’s. Didn’t get instruction booklet with it, shop insists i did, so where can i get a manual ?? Thanx in advance

  • only comment on my e100 is its lack of eq adjustment. 5 band eq just isn’t enough, also the gui, like on you reviews isn’t that friendly but once you get the hang of it everything works fine.

  • Hey, I’m planning on buying an e100, but I’m wondering if it supports songs with asian characters; thanks in advanced

  • i bought an iriver e100 i don’t know a music store where i can load music to my E100. please help. Is napster compatible with this?

  • i have bought E100,
    i wonder the E100 have no sound graphic in it,
    why that ? i need it , if i want to get sound graphic in to my E100, how i get it ?
    E100’s sound it not better than T10, T10 is better than. that why i need the sound graphic.
    so please show me. how to get it .

  • For “Sound Graphic” press and hold right button during music playback.

  • Avatar of Fathom

    iRivers “Study Mode” feature was not mentioned. I find this critical for navigating audio books (files >1hr). Is this a feature on e100?

    Speakers and bookmarking are deal maker for me.
    No ‘study mode’ is a deal breaker.


  • Hi Jenn
    good review. i also have an iriver E100 4GB but i bought it in japan so the user manual is japanese(of couse)i don’t realize all of i can’t use my playlist option. and many more. so if you can share me an English version user manual. it would be great (i can’t download it )so if you don’t mind please mail me the manual?
    ps: what do you think if i upgrade the firmware will it good

  • Avatar of Jane

    i’ve just bought the e100 and i’m slightly techno-dumb so i wondering if you could explain how to save radio stations? i can scroll thru them fine, and i can see the saved ones, but i can’t save any new ones myself. any ideas?

    ps. very informative review thanks heaps!

  • Avatar of Jane

    oh, disregard that last post i just noticed the save presets option! what an idiot.. hah thanks anyway

  • Avatar of Josie

    Hey ummm…I just got my new i-river E100 and I dont know how to put lyrics on to it. Can any one help me?

  • Avatar of GPRS

    I wanted to know that is there any mp4 player that simply supports every video file type so there would be no need to convert files? or atleast supports some types other than “AVI”…?! (with the budget of up to 149$)

  • Avatar of Henry Collins

    Enjoyed your review but you failed to comment on the unit’s record quality using an external microphone. I recently purchased the unit with an audio-technica ATR35s lavalier mic and the recording results were not very good. Internal line noise was very high. I also tried using several other mics with no improvement. I emailed tech support at Iriver to see if there is a particular mic brand that works well with the unit as there may be some impedance matching issue. I am waiting to here from them. Will follow up and let you know what I hear.

  • i was told by the sales woman that the e100 could play thru my car radio. (i only got it today) and i cant figure out how to do it. Help?! or is it a farce and i’m goin to need to buy something else to hook it up to the cd player/radio?

  • the converter that came with the iriver doesn’t work also even when i convert videos using other files it still doesnt’ play does anyone know how to fix that

  • Avatar of Judy

    hey guys
    i downloaded some vids from youtube and converted it to WMV and it still won’t play on my e100 =.=

    help please!!!
    and is there any way to get the song NAMES to be shown and not the mp3 name?

  • storing video files on the E100 requires the use of the Iriver Plus3 application. The video files must be converted into “AVI” format in order to be compatible with the E100.

    I was puzzled myself at first, at why my videos were not working untill i did some clicking around in the video tab of Iriver Plus3

    Great Review!

    Had my E100 for a month or two now and after some EQ adjustment, i am pleased with my “affordable” purchase.


  • *forgot to mention*

    in regards to the song name _judy_,

    (i am assuming you have audio files which aren’t from a disc?)
    Like myself i had the band name/album name/song name.mp3 instead of just the song title [which appears on my media player without the need for my intervention].

    The only way i found of solving that problem was to manually edit all the song names, prior to syncing them with the E100.

    [You should find that ‘some’ of you’re mp3. files have all rather lengthy titles instead of the song name alone, which you recognize]

    A little time consuming but worth doing.


  • Avatar of Caleb

    Is the E100 compatuble with linux?

  • Hi, is there any i’river mp3 player that has video/audio output that i could hook up directly onto car dvd players/tvs



  • me again,
    i have e100 4g and i have that sony car mp3 player with high graphic screen and video/audio inputs. I can still return e100 if i find something with those outputs…. :S ?

  • The iRiver iFTP-800 has been an indispensable companion for recording college lectures and meetings. I was looking forward to trying the new E100 which I recently purchased. Unfortunately, the E100 is a major disappointment. Numerous web sites detail the poor sound quality and other problems. Let me focus on a few seldom discussed issues.

    Many people report sporadically having the iRiver Plus 3 not recognizing the E100. The dust cap on the E100’s USB connector can interfere with fully inserting the USB cable connector by catching on the dust cap. Should this occur, the E100 will display Power & Play, and Power Only which makes you think everything is OK when, in fact, the iRiver Plus 3 has not actually recognized the E100. If you fully insert the connector without catching it on the dust cover, the E100 will display Power & Data, Power & Play, and Power Only – the iRiver Plus 3 will now recognize the E100

    For the last five days, the iRiver Tech Support at 562-758-6393 has not returned my calls. They have not replied to my email. By-the-way, the iRiver Technical Support is now outsourced to a third party company – not a good sign.

    The iFTP-800 has an Automatic Gain Control (AGC) setting for recording which does not appear in the E100 settings. When I recorded a talk with the E100, the sound level was so weak that it was almost useless. I looked at the file with Sound Forge and found the signal was down in the mud.

    Having External Mic and Line-in recording are a major plus which separate iRiver products from others. However, what good are they if there is no incoming signal level indicators to let you know how much to adjust the line-in volume. Moreover, adjusting the line-in volume level should not be buried in the settings but readily available while recording. The E100 needs AGC and Peak Limiting for internal, external mic, and line-in to be effective. With such features, they could address a large market of users who would like to directly record from wireless microphone systems in lecture halls and churches.

    The feature list of the E100 would have set the E100 above the competition. Unfortunately, the implementation was not up to par. Let’s hope the next version puts iRivers back in the driver seat.

  • i just recorded a mix onto my iriver e100,
    I want to transfer it to my mac itunes but it’s in text format.
    How do I fix this?

  • Avatar of Mannjot Singh

    Great site, I was surprized that you didnt give more info on the Voice Recording – External Mics – Line In Recording options.

    But Jenn do have a question for you. Dont know if you ran into this problem but I have many External Mics so as I connected it to my Iriver in Recordings > External Mics. Evertime I record under this option, I playback the track, I get a buzzing sound, Just a bit.

    Under Line In Recording is fine but the volume level is not great. Dont worry I know the option where you can put it to volume 7. But the option to record in External Mics is great =D Picks up alot but only negative is little buzzing sound. I also called up Iriver, They said your device is defected, But I had got 2 Iriver E100’s, Samething in both of them. Im hoping someone can teak it or Iriver will have a firmware to fix this.

    Thank you.

    Mannjot Singh (MJ)

  • the E100 IS linux-compatible, but it’s a bitch to get responding to input

    Apart from that, I’ve had a Creative Zen Neeon, and even with just a two-tone LCD monitor, and two-way switch with press-in button, it was easier to navigate to the settings you wanted changed and to change them.

    mmh…I’ll stick with my purchase though.

  • Hi,

    I don’t know how to line-in record….
    it doesn’t even come with the cable where the two ends are 3.5 mm jack……

  • Hello all
    Cool review Jenn.
    I bought a e100 yesterday for my young daughter.As you said, the speakers sound pretty good for personal use in a room.(I don’t want her to use the earphones,she is 9 yrs old) .
    I transfered a few videos on the E100, the movie converter programm works perfectly.
    A cool and very nice product.

  • i have irivar e100 . video file not working … i try ..mp4,,avi …

  • hi
    im trying to convert a movie but it stops at 99.90%. what do you think is the problem. ANd also ive converted other films and they worked

  • Avatar of Doc Lee

    I just bought one of these Iriver e100’s. The sound quality in this model is a improvement from my old Creative Movo. I have only notived one problem with this player. If I have a Micro SD card in the player on start up it will crash. I have updated the firmware to 1.22 and it still dose it. If the player is already on, and I insert the card no problems. It might just have problems with the 4GB sandisk, some of my other electronics dont like the card either.

  • Avatar of Throy

    En castellano o Latino más abajo———————

    Look for me is an excellent team, bought a gift for the purchase of another product, the E100 6GB (ie 2GB and adds 4GB micro SD card)

    I use pretty much listening to music in MP3 and radio, although autonomy is not that I’m used to not negligible a little over 17 hrs, so if you spend much time listening, I use the mp3 iriver T50 ( my faithful friend, hold on everything, even some good blows jejeje) that gives me 60 hrs of battery life (uses AA batteries and left entirely empty) against 17 of the E100, as there is no difference between them regarding the line and radio reception as good sound quality is the same on both computers.

    In Video did not think to use it much, for so had not purchased a Mp4, but I’m wrong, I’ve seen several films, both in my language and in English with subtitles Siiii subtitles and read perfectly well who would believe it, I use the FormatFactory to convert and add the subtitles, the main use is to watch anime series old Castilian or Latin as he is said to differ from the Spanish, an excellent companion for waiting in lines to pay as banks or waiting for someone.

    And keep up the function of reading basic text in TXT format also use a little less so now, I read a couple of eBooks in that format.

    And regarding the most remarkable recordings are two, both in this team and at T50, when recording of the radio is great quality that remains, then pass it to the PC and I edit the beginning and end for if I go and I get the speaker talking. The other is able to record with external connection, I have transferred music and old recordings on tape (or cassette original Italian word, or magnetic tape) and vinyl, it’s COOL this option, I have old family recordings on tape talking I could switch to digital and shared via email, that is, the team is brilliant in most respects. The bad, poor, negative are ridiculous, superfluous, at least you forget them so they do not fit to be mentioned.

    A USER MORE THAN HAPPY WITH THIS PRODUCT, IT WAS PURCHASED A free, comprehensive 6GB CHILEAN PESOS FOR $ 10,000, about $ 20 dollars.

    Throy Throyano – Chile. (translated by Google)

    original language castellano, Chilensi. —————————
    Mira para mí es un Excelente equipo, lo adquirí de regalo por la compra de otro producto, el E100 de 6GB (es decir, de 2GB y le agregue 4GB con tarjeta micro SD)

    Lo uso bastante escuchando música tanto en mp3 como de la radio, aunque la autonomía no es a la que estoy acostumbrado no es despreciable un poco más de 17 hrs, por lo que si se que pasare mucho tiempo escuchando, uso el mp3 iriver T50 (mi fiel amigo, aguanta de todo, hasta unos buenos porrazos jejeje) que me da 60 hrs de autonomía (usa pilas AA y las deja totalmente vacías) contra las 17 del E100, en calidad no hay ninguna diferencia entre ellos, con respecto a la sintonía y recepción de la radio como la muy buena calidad acústica es lo mismo en ambos equipos.

    En Video no creí que lo usara mucho, pues por eso no había adquirido un Mp4, pero me equivoque, me he visto varias películas, tanto en mi idioma como en ingles con subtítulos Siiii subtítulos y se leen perfectamente quien lo creería, yo uso el Formatfactory para la conversión y agregarle los subtítulos, el uso principal es para ver series de anime antigua en castellano o Latino como le dicen para diferenciarse del español, un excelente compañero para la espera en filas de bancos o para pagar como esperando a alguien.

    Y sin quedarse atrás la función de leer texto en formato básico TXT también lo use un poco ahora ya no tanto, me leí un par de libros electrónicos en ese formato.

    Y con respecto a las grabaciones lo más destacable son dos, tanto en este equipo como en T50, al grabar de la radio es genial la calidad en que queda, luego lo paso al PC y le edito el principio como final por si me paso y me sale hablando el locutor. La otra es el poder grabar con la conexión externa, he traspasado música y grabaciones viejas en casete (o cassette palabra original de Italia, o cinta magnética) y discos de vinilo, es GENIAL esta opción, tengo grabaciones antiguas de la familia hablando en cintas que pude pasar a digital y repartir vía email, es decir, el equipo es genial en casi todos sus aspectos. Lo malo, deficiente, negativo están irrisorio, superfluo, mínimo que te olvidas de ellos así que no caben ser mencionados.


    Throy Throyano – Chileno.

  • i want to know sumthing more about mickey mp3 player

  • i bought an iriver e100 about 3 years ago, and I still do not have that many problems with it.
    the sound quality is good, but it depends more on your earphones, however you have the option to manually set the EQ, so it`s up to the user.
    the thing that i hate the most about this mp4 player is its speed when browsing files, especially files from a microSD card. it`s incredible laggy.
    video quality is alright, i`m not complaining about the quality, but most of the times if you do not chose the right angle to watch the screen, you will get to see yourself in the screen, like you`re looking in a mirror.
    even if i have it for so long, and i am using it every single day since then, the battery never disappointed me; it does not last for 24 hours like it did when i bought it, but it is somewhere around 17-19 which is still great, compared to other products that halves their battery life in less than a year.
    another bad point about the iriver is that it does not include a Search option. i currently have the 8gb version and a 4gb microSD card, and it is really hard to find a song quickly.

    conclusion: it is a good mp4 player, but i will not recommend you to buy it if you are a music geek or you had an apple ipod before.
    this is a classic mp4, it has the basic features, but however it satisfied all of my needs.

  • i have a problem with my iriver e300.. its not working and hanged when i was trying to open fitness in it please tell me whats the problem..and also tell me the solution


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