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StreakDroid 1.4.6 custom ROM for Dell Streak can be flashed over official Froyo update


Now that the official Android 2.2 update for the Dell Streak has been available for a few weeks (list of all known versions and upgrade paths here), I've been getting a lot of questions from newly Froyo-ed users about whether they can flash DJ_Steve's StreakDroid ROM.

A lot of people are geniunely happy with Dell's update (build 11548), particularly if they've been using 1.6, but some still want more. They want something with more features, something that's faster, smoother, and more optimized. They want something better. In other words, they want version 1.4.6 of DJ_Steve's Froyo ROM.

I've used every version of Steve's build since it was in beta and am currently running 1.4.6 on my Streak (version 1.5 is due out today or tomorrow, I believe), so of course I understand the desire for something harder, better, faster, stronger.

And yes, anyone who has the official Froyo update from Dell on their Streak can flash Steve's ROM without having to flash a new baseband or any other ROM in between. Previous builds required a particular starting ROM and baseband, which scared a lot of users away.

I'm directing this at people who were on 1.6 when they received the OTA update; I know that anyone who applied the update manually (tutorial here) has no problem with flashing basebands.

Before we go on, please remember that anything you do to your Streak is done at your own risk.

As long as 1) your Froyo-ized Streak is rooted (use z4root) and 2) you have ClockworkMod recovery successfully installed, all you have to do is download StreakDroid 1.4.6, put it on your Streak's microSD card, and flash it.

Don't worry if you've never flashed a .zip before; it's really simple:

  1. Turn off your Streak (I usually just pull out the battery).
  2. Turn it back on while holding down both volume buttons. This will get you into recovery mode.
  3. Select option 2, "Software upgrade via Update.pkg on SD Card," from the menu. This will get you into the ClockworkMod recovery.
  4. Select "install zip from sdcard" -> "choose zip from sdcard."
  5. Navigate to the .zip (unless you renamed it, it's called "update-1.4.6.zip") using the volume keys, select it with the camera button, and then select "Yes – Install update-1.4.6.zip" from the next screen.
  6. When the installation is complete, reboot your Streak and you're done.

UPDATE 12/3: Watch the video tutorial on how to flash a .zip on the Streak.

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