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Reader ROM Picks: The EVO Classic v0.0.4 with Sense 1.0 for the HTC EVO 4G

EVOClassic1-Rosie-Slated-Classic-themeReader ROM Picks is a semi-regular series that showcases G&E readers’ favorite HTC EVO custom ROMs. Please contact us if you’d like to submit a ROM review of your own!

This ROM was reviewed by JerryGNYC.

Are you thinking: “Wait a minute! Sense 1.0? With all these ROMs running Sense 3.0, you want me to go backwards?” Well, for me going backwards was actually a step forward; it just took me a few days to see it. In fact, I actually think that this ROM for the HTC EVO 4G has cured my ORD (Obsessive ROM-flashing Disorder).

Most of the time, people think that it’s cliche to say that something is greater than the sum of its parts. But when you’re talking about The EVO Classic 0.0.4 – Sense 1.0 Redefined – Harmony, a.k.a. EVO Classic, by the masterful developer and themer tommytomatoe, it’s definitely the truth: this ROM is full of beautifully executed tweaks that work so well together, it’s easy to see why it’s got Harmony in the name. Based on the latest OTA software update, 4.54.651.1, I can’t remember the last time something ran this quickly and smoothly on my release-day OG EVO. I haven’t seen any lag that I can attribute to this ROM.

So what’s it got?

802.11n WiFi, WiFi hotspot, built-in screen capture, A2SD, and 4G all work great. What about Quick Settings in the notification drop-down? Got ’em! Forced-roaming mode? There! Change songs using the volume keys? Check! Need HDMI support? The ChopSuey and Freedom kernels both play very nicely with this ROM. EPST/hash codes work fine too, for when the need arises.


For more details on everything that’s included in this ROM, you can take a look at the official change log.

The only problem I found was that Bluetooth file transfer was broken. However, tommytomatoe got this working for me in less than an hour, and the fix will be included in the next official release. Now that’s pretty good developer support.

I also have to mention that audio just sounds better with this ROM. You may not notice it while using a pair of $10 headphones, but when I first used my Sennheiser PX100s with this ROM (super-great headphones, by the way, and a bargain at under $50), I couldn’t believe how much better the sound quality was. I’ve been using PowerAMP with these headphones since it was in beta, before I flashed this ROM, and I’ve always had to make a custom equalizer profile for my headphones. Not any more! Somehow, I think tommytomatoe snuck in Beats Audio without telling, to see if anyone would notice.


But what if you tend to shy away from Sense because you are a minimalist? Well, we now have Ghost Rosie. Tommytomatoe has modded the stock Rosie launcher, so that all you see at the bottom of the screen is a small horizontal bar. Tap its center, and you get the app drawer. On either side, you can create a shortcut to whatever you app you’d like, just by long-pressing the area. Then, you’ll only see the icons when you tap the area.

Care to customize this ROM’s look even more? There’s a separate thread on XDA, with great mods and themes by linsalata28, lowrider32119, PHE-NOM, EVOlvedAndroid, OmgaDroid, EViL-KoNCEPTz00McD00, and tommytomatoe himself. Personally, I’ve been using Slated Classic by 00McD00.

There’s also AOSP integration. The AOSP Dialer, Contacts, and Email apps are all included, and they’re easily uninstallable if you don’t want them. The Email app offers a unified inbox, if you like that, and more AOSP integration is coming in the future.


Some other included goodies are the stock Gingerbread launcher, the Minimalistic Text widget, Google Plus, Swype, SMS Popup, the Maxthon Browser, DSP Manager, Netflix, and WiMAX Notifier. Ninety percent of the apps and such are uninstallable if you don’t want or need them.

But what about Carrier IQ? That’s taken care of, too.

Sounds great, right? Version 0.0.5 should be out soon with even more goodies, and nightlies are available right now for you early adopters. A completely Sense-less version is in the works, too. Now, go out and get your tomatoes on!




Reader ROM Picks is a semi-regular series that showcases G&E readers’ favorite HTC EVO custom ROMs. Please contact us if you’d like to submit a ROM review of your own!

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